You’re not cookie-cutter couple–and your wedding film shouldn’t be cookie-cutter either. From start to finish, your wedding video should reflect the awesome relationship you two have. Your wedding video should be filmed and edited with you two in mind. That’s why no two of my wedding films are alike. 


I’m all about bringing you into the moment, packing your wedding video full of candid moments, perfect audio bites, and details you otherwise would forget. If you watch any of my videos below and you don’t feel a pull at your heart strings, then I’m not your gal. And hey, if you’d prefer your wedding video be filled–from start to finish–with slow motion, then I’m definitely not your gal. I prefer to bring you right into the moment, and pack your wedding video full of every awesome moment. Check out my current featured wedding films, or take a gander to my Vimeo channel or my YouTube channel. 

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Kolby and Landen hosted a stunning fairytale wedding at Wasatch Farms in Utah. Landen is a professional motocross rider-turned real estate agent, and Kolby is drop-dead gorgeous and talented at everything! And together, they definitely know how to throw a party. 


If you haven’t already seen Mikayla’s epic father daughter dance, you are seriously missing out. The dance started out traditional, but quickly caught everyone by surprise with the choreographed mashup that followed. Mikayla’s dad (Nate) was excited all day for this dance and seriously nailed it.

Albion Basin set the perfect backdrop for Alex and Kristina’s first look. Alex was so antsy to see her that he turned around before he was supposed to, ha! We all just about died laughing. But Kristina surprises him as well, handing him a handmade book of memories with Alex’s new wedding ring inside.

Shantel and Parker hosted an amazing boho reception in a farm field not far from Salt Lake City, Utah. They had to provide all electricity and amenities, but it was an epic night with endless options of games, entertainment, and yummy food.

Michelle’s sister bought a Utah historical home with aspirations to renovate and renew its 1930s charm. The house and surrounding lawn was just barely finished days before Michelle and Tanner’s wedding! It made the perfect indoor-outdoor wedding venue for their classy, vintage wedding.

Sylvia and John wanted a unique, edgy wedding video–something to match their epic and non-traditional destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico. These two could be Vogue models. And they’re also the most genuine, thoughtful people! Making this video was so much fun.

Flora and Gary–two creatives who are recent Utah transplants–decided to elope at Sundance. Flora’s sister officiated the ceremony with gorgeous fall hues still clinging to the mountainside background. It was such an honor to be part of this romantic, intimate ceremony. And guess what?! I got to be a witness on the marriage certificate!