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March 29, 2020
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A Man Obsessed With Sports Images

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Some folks only by the newspaper for the sports section. There are a lot of guys and girls who have no interest in anything but what is happening in the world of professional athletics. If you think the nerds who enjoy comic books or science fiction are insular and obsessive you have never considered making the comparison to real sports nuts. They can verbally recreated obscure MLV photos and can relay the intricacies of a basketball image as if the moment has been burned in their minds forever.

These folks are not only sports obsessed in conversation it seeps into every part of their lives. Each morning rather than putting on the news they put on Sport's Center. Each night rather than falling asleep with Leno or Letterman on the television they dose off to still more Sport's Center. They build friendships around season tickets and name children after renowned linebackers. Their homes are over flowing with memorabilia. Caught balls, framed jerseys, binders loaded to capacity with trading cards going back decades. Where most folks would have art or photos of loved ones, their homes are decorated with Nascar images here and NBA photo there. It is as if their entire life has some connection with professional sports.

It is easy to understand why these sports fanatics get this way. The thrill we get from watching a classic sports image unfold before our eyes is a rush unlike any other. When we see someone operating on a higher plane of physical aptitude than we could ever personally imagine it is spellbinding. These folks got that rush and never wanted to let go of it. Watching an athlete expertly execute a task is impressive because in a way we can see ourselves in those accomplishments. We have the same arms and legs that they do and yet here they are, years into grueling training making their bodies do things that our's simply will never get close to.

People build their lives around sports and sports images because it gives a certain kind of order to the world. There are winners and losers. There are statistics and truths in numbers. What sports also provides the obsessives is a sense of a seemingly endless continuum of accomplishment and potential. Each year there is a season of baseball, basketball, football, and other sports and each year there is more information to analyze and think about. If the sports bug bites you it will never end because sports never end. So there is still an iconic sports image to be made. Maybe even today.


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