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June 14, 2020
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Best photo editing mobile apps

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Camera phones have been around for more than a decade, but it took years to cross the all-important demarcation line from "bad" to "not bad." For quite long we have been taking snaps on phone but to embellish them, PC software only were available. With the advent of smart phones, we got numerous features for our mobile camera. The unrestricted touch screen canvas has empowered developers to grant us an abundance of apps that allow us to edit images captured by these tiny lenses and sensors, performing a persistent post-processing tweaks and adjustments.

Photo editing apps rank among some of the best apps for iPhone in App store. While many of them feature only filters, shades and frames to reproduce photos with special effects, few apps enable capturing images with preset effects the devices have not built-in.
Every photographer has their own preferences for photo editing apps, and I'm no different, so this list represents the top apps I have on my iPhone. Those I personally prefer and propose to other smart phone photographers.


You need not spend hours on your computer to create conspicuous photographs these days. Regardless of your photography experience, Spiffy photo editing app eases off transformation of your camera snaps into amazing pictures. With its preloaded special effects and astonishing design patterns you can adorn your photos on iphone. Once done, you can always share your photos on social media sites.

Pro Camera7:

Do you feel you native camera app is not allowing total control of features while taking photos? Using Pro Camera7, you can now control your focus and exposure of camera lens. With easy sliding option on your screen, you can control these two crucial things. Additionally, you have options to choose aspect ratio too. This app takes your iphoneography to another level.


If you are an Instagram lover and don't like you photos getting cropped after upload, this app is for you. Your 4:3 or 3:2 photos remains the same after adding effects and best part is this app doesn't tend to kill your photo's resolution.

Pixlr Express:

It is the best available app to remove unwanted spots or marks from your photos. Whether it is extra bit of flash on a part or dust on you lens, Pixlr Express proves handy for such corrections. With effects like pencil, sketch, poster etc it helps you touch-up images swiftly.


This app assists you in creating best portraits on your iphone. You can easily wipe off any acne, smooth out wrinkles, whiten teeth and many more touch-ups to your photo. If you are not looking for much advanced features, this proves to be the best photo editing app to glam up you photo faces.


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