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April 17, 2020
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Adventures of Photo Birth Announcements

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There is no better way to announce the birth of your baby than with photo birth announcements. To get started, the first thing you will need to do is take the actual picture that you will send out to all your friends and relatives. This will save you time and money, and you can keep your newborn in the comfort of your own home rather than going to a professional. If you go this route, put your camera on its highest resolution setting, which will make sure your picture is focused and clear.

One thing to consider when you are taking pictures for your photo birth announcements is your lighting. Lighting can make the difference between a professional looking photo and one that you would rather not share. Look at the natural lighting of the room, and determine if you need to have any shades opened or closed.

Figure out if you need to use flash or not. After you have taken the picture, you can find free software online in which to use for editing. When you are editing your photo birth announcement pictures, you should consider the color quality, contrast ration and cropping options. Most programs will even let you change the picture from color to sepia tones or black and white.

Cropping your photo is the next step. Typically photos work better for photo birth announcements when they are close ups or from the chest up, rather than full body shots. These close ups capture the details that make your baby unique, which set your announcement apart.

After you have figured out the picture, the next step for photo birth announcements is to choose the design and layout for the announcement itself. When you are looking at designs, take the picture itself into account. For example, if your picture features many rich colors, you might want to use photo birth announcements that have more of a muted background in order to make the picture stand out. This same rule of thumb applies in the opposite situation, as a black and white photo looks great with colorful photo birth announcements.

Rather than black and white photos, or colored photos, if you choose a sepia toned picture of your baby, you might want to avoid a brown background. Contrary to what it may seem, this is hard to match browns between printing and the picture. Overall, you want to avoid matching too much with only one color.

While you do not want to create monochromatic photo birth announcements, it is still a good idea to use colors from your photo and incorporate these accents into your announcement. These accent colors can tie the whole thing together, and give your announcements a professional feel. The way to make this successful is to choose an accent color, rather than a dominant color that will wash everything out.

If you are using a black and white photo, typically blue photo birth announcements work better than some of the warmer colors, like yellow. These cooler colors keep your photo birth announcements from looking dingy, which is something you will want to avoid. When you choose a winning combination, you can make sure that your photo birth announcements are so adorable, that no one will ever want to take them down off the fridge.


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