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November 1, 2020
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How A Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Can Bring Your Family Together

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The putting together of jigsaw puzzles is a nice, wholesome family tradition that you might want to consider introducing this holiday season.

Whilst normal jigsaw puzzles are ok for the purpose, much better is a personalized Christmas jigsaw puzzle. It can have a holiday theme, or be a retrospective of family and friend photos from the previous year.

You have full control over all aspects of it. You can decide on how many photos to include, what photos to use, how big the overall size of the puzzle is, the size of the individual puzzle pieces, and whether you want any messages added to it.

They represent a great way to bring the family, immediate members and those paying you a festive visit, together. Everyone can add a few pieces and feel as though they are contributing. In a time when quality family time seems to be a premium, and everyone is away doing their own thing, a family jigsaw puzzle can be just the right solution.

So, how do you go about getting a personalized Christmas jigsaw puzzle? First, you need to decide upon which photos that you want to use. Then send your chosen photos by email to a photo puzzle company (which you can find by doing a quick search on Google). On receiving your photos, the company will then transfer them on to high quality puzzle pieces, taking into account any design or creative instructions that you have given them as they do so. These puzzle pieces will then be checked over to ensure that they all fit together perfectly, before being packaged up in a neat gift box and posted to you.

Whether or not you wrap your family puzzle and let everyone help open it is up to you. An image of the finished puzzle is in the box, which can help with assembly but, if you want the image to be a surprise, take it out.

So, hopefully I've done enough to convince you of the merits of personalized Christmas jigsaw puzzles. It's something that is a little out of the ordinary, but which is based on a tried, tested and loved activity. What family wouldn't love to receive such a special and memorable gift?


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