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December 1, 2020
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How to Take Good Family Reunion Photographs

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There isn't a better chance to get some wonderful pictures of your loved ones than at the upcoming family reunion. Most families only have one time of year that such a large number of the relatives gather together in one location. It's probable that this annual event is the only time you will see some of these relatives. Even though getting pictures of the whole family is difficult sometimes, you can get some wonderful and memorable pictures if you plan ahead.

Generally instead of hiring a professional, families will depend on amateur members of the family to capture the great memories. Group photos of the entire family are hard to capture but worth their weight in gold, especially years in the future when some of the people in the group are no longer living. When capturing great family photos, keep these tips in mind:

Prepare beforehand. Planning in advance for taking photographs at the family reunion is a wise idea. Put together a list of all the photographs you know you want to get, and also any specific groupings of people you will want to get pictures of. Decide exactly where you will want the photos taken.

If possible, have your family coordinate their clothing. If every person has a got a special tee-shirt created for the get-together then that will be even better. If they don't, then just request that everybody wears a certain color, perhaps blue or black. If you are careful to stay away from bold stripes and other patterns then you will ensure that there is not one person that stands out too obviously in the picture.

Make sure that there is lots of light for the family reunion pictures. Every camera has got a limited range on its flash. The timing to get the finest natural lighting is outdoors in the morning or right before dusk. A cloudy day is also a good day for taking pictures outside. Do not ever take pictures in the direct sunlight. One excellent way to take a picture is with your whole family standing in the shade.

Use the natural surroundings of your reunion venue to your advantage when staging a shot. Bleachers, benches, and staircases make for great pictures where you want to stagger the height of your subject. A big group can also be positioned around playground equipment. Steer clear of busy backgrounds that take away from the photo's subject matter. Or you may want to snap some aerial shots. To achieve this, stand up on a ladder or balcony, pointing the camera down at the group while they are looking up at you.

Keep the spot where the picture will hang in mind. When you place the photo in a picture frame, will it have to be a horizontal or vertical shot? Knowing that little tidbit of information can make or break a great shot and will affect the way which you have your subjects pose.

You'll find these hints very helpful for making photo time fun and easy at your next family reunion.


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